Volume conservation with time

Dear All,

I have a 3D droplet of fluid 1moving in a channel contain fluid 2. Tracer is varying from 1(fluid1) to 0(fluid2). I want to measure the inside volume of droplet at each time instant. Like I want to check if there is volume of fluid lose with time in simulation. Can I plot this volume with time in ParaView? If yes, HOW? I am attaching geometry for reference.


For example, can I compute volume for specific cells into the domain based on tracer value. Can get this data form different snapshot and plot it?

Filters -> MeshQuality let you compute the volume of a mesh.
Filters -> PlotDataOverTime will let you plot it over time

Dear Mathieu,

I apply MeshQuality- change tet-quality measure and hex-quality measure to volume. Am I doing this correct? Can I get numerical value for volume from this? I don’t think I understand what this physically says. Can you please explain it to me again? I am attaching my VTK file for reference.


SN-0.vtk (648.8 KB)

My bad, there is a much simpler to go with this.

Filters -> IntegrateVariables give you the Volume of your mesh directly.