Volume of liquid of multiple threshold regions


I’m have a simulation and would like to output the volume of liquid (fraction liquid scalar x cell volume) for multiple threshold defined regions using paraview. Is this possible?

I can find the total volume of the all selected threshold regions cells (threshold > Integrate Variables > cell data), but can’t work out how to;
a) how to calculate the volume of liquid for each cell based on the fraction liquid value and cell size
b) get the volume of liquid in each discrete region (sum of a) for each region)

Any help would be appreciated.

You can use the Mesh Quality filter to compute the volume of each cell. From there you can use the Calculator filter to compute the liquid volume for each cell.

From there you can use the Threshold and Integrate Variables filters as you are doing to get the sum liquid volume of the selected cells.

Actually, rather than use the Mesh Quality filter, you can use the Cell Size filter. It’s the same computation, but a bit easier to use.