Volume Render problem: "Can not execute simple algorithm without output ports"; other details about getting started

Hello all,

I am quite new to using ParaView so I apologize if this is something trivial. I am transitioning from standard CFD software like Tecplot. My question is, when loading my data into the software, I can obtain all surface data/solutions from the CFD code (Gaspex). My problem is when I try to use the volume rendering, I am met with the following error:

ERROR: In C:\bbd\a2ca2c3a\source-paraview\VTK\Common\ExecutionModel\vtkCompositeDataPipeline.cxx, line 154
vtkPVDataRepresentationPipeline (000002265C72FD90): Can not execute simple algorithm without output ports

For reference, I am using the recently nightly release/5.8.1 by downloading the Windows compatible 64 bit.exe file. I am running Win10 machine with 32 GB RAM, Intel Xeon processor E-2176M, and two graphics cards: Intel UHD P360 and Nvidia Quadro P2000 with Max Q Design.

Maybe I needed to unpack the zip instead of using the executable?

Also, I see many users use the MSI-MPI option or work through the command line as compared to the GUI. As someone who has traditionally used GUI based post-processing software, is there an easy way for someone to learn how to use ParaView this way and can explain where I can begin to learn how to do so? Is there any merit in working this way?

Thank you for your time and I am sorry if I have not presented this as a properly formatted post.