Volume representation as categories


I’m trying to view an image file (.vti) in wich each areas are identified by a unsigned int value (between 1 and 500 for instance). Unidentified areas have 0 as value.
When I use a volume representation of the data, i can’t clearly see areas identified by number 1 or 2 since I put opacity of 0 to 0.

At the contrary, if I put opacities of areas from 1 to 500 at 1, and interpolation is done between void area (0) and others → almost everything look the same :

I tried to use the “interpert values as categories” button but it seems to do nothing while using a volume representation.

Anyone knows how to get rid of the interpolation of how to look at these kind of data ?

Thanks by advance,

PS: a sample data can be downloaded here ftp://ftp.cea.fr/incoming/y2k01/chupin-sylvain-1621518551/32bits_labels_0.vti

I’m afraid this is a limitation of the Volume rendering representation.

Your dataset is perfectly adapted to the DigitalRocksPhysics plugin tools though. Using ExplodeMaterialCluster filter with a factor of 0 you can get this rendering:

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
I didn’t know this plugin and it work very well for this kind of vizualisation.
Playing with ambient occlusion and tone mapping gave me something great !


@LfxPaul :slight_smile:

Woow nice visualization @schupin ! Love the way occlusion makes the data almost real

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Looks really cool!
Still, I would love to see “values as categories” being supported for volume data.