Volume Viewing Issue

I am trying to view the volume of a .vtu file at a certain timestep, but whenever I use the drop down box and click on “volume”, my ParaView Layout turns pitch black. I have included a screenshot for reference. Any help would be much appreciated; thank you in advance!

I think you have fallen into an old, and we thought rare or hard to replicate, Mac bug. I just looked, and I can see it on my Mac also. Thanks for reporting. It is written up here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/19849.

Could you do me a favor and let us know your graphics card? The easiest way is to either go Apple/ About This Mac/ Graphics, OR ParaView/ About ParaView/ Copy to Clipboard, and paste this information in a reply here? Thanks, Alan

Hello, thank you for the reply and the link to the old problem. Unfortunately, you’re right about this bug. I have included the graphics card for my Mac. It is: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 1536 MB. Via ParaView, I was unable to pull up that information, but you listed it as an “OR” option, so I am hopeful the information provided is enough. Thank you again!