Volume Visualization on Web

  1. Emulated hosting Webservice using Windows Web Service (IIS) : works well [Tried Glance viewer, VolumeViewer.html templates]

Seems VolumeViewer.html is made to read a *.vti and not vtkjs

  1. Ported the Chrome (Browser) to use the GPU as well, the image above shows the dedicated GPU usage while rendering

The Visualization experience is slightly different than using the resampled image (NVIDIA_indeX), am I missing something can we improve the visualization to match the web with desktop version.

  1. VolumeViewer indeed only runs on *.vti images. If you want vtkjs files, then I think you need to use LegacyAsciiParser
  2. Are your color transfer functions the same? I would be surprised if web rendering would cause that much difference.
  1. vtkjs format is a state for a scene definition. Basically HttpSceneLoader read that format.

  2. I would agree with @Forrest_Li. The transfer function+color map does not look the same. On top of that, the sampling/step distance on your web rendering seems very high (top left slider). If you reduce it, it should look nicer.

Thank you @jourdain ,@Forrest Li for your reply.

Seems the "shadow slider " in the VolumeViewer.html was causing that graininess behavior.

will try with the parser,sceneloader :+1:

Reducing it to zero worked .

The color transfer function → “erdc_rainbow_bright” in both cases.

Use Case : combxyz_artefacts1.pvsm (840.1 KB)
Caveat: I had to convert the ResampletoImage in the pipeline to vti to make it to use in the VolumeViewer.html