Volumeteric VTK from STL/OBJ/Surface Mesh or VTK file


I would like to know if there is a possibility to convert or fill the surface mesh STL/VTK/OBJ to a volumetric VTK file in paraview (pvpython). As it is possible to extract surface mesh from volumetric VTKs, is the reverse process straight forward.


Hi @justAPhDStudent

You can use Delaunay3D but the result may not be great. To reverse the process, use ExtractSurface.

FYI @Charles_Gueunet

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Hi @mwestphal

Thank you very much for the information. Yeah we had given it a try already, and it is indeed tricky for complex shapes.


@justAPhDStudent if your surface is manifold, you may use tetWild to fill it. This kind of operation should be done with a mesher. Using only VTK, I do not see any clean way to do so.

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Thanks @Charles_Gueunet! That’s great info. I will definitely give it a try.