Vorticity contour for falling sphere?

How do I plot vorticity contours for a falling sphere in fluid which is initially quiescent.

please share your data.

The figure in above is from Vislt. I want to get something this type of plot.
Here are the data files. I have run in parallel (4 procs) but data from two will be fine I think. foam1 is from processor 1, foam2 processor 2 and these two have relevant CFD data and solid is for sphere.

foam1.csv (2.1 MB) foam2.csv (2.1 MB) solid.csv (178 Bytes)


There is one of the ways to calculate a vorticity vector:

  1. Load foam1.csv > Table To Points Filter (TableToPoints1)
  2. In the same way, load foam2.csv > Table To Points Filter (TableToPoints2)
  3. Use the Append Geometry filter to merge TableToPoints1 and TableToPoints2 to a single point cloud.
  4. Use the Clean filter to remove duplicate points.
  5. Add the Delaunay 3D filter to turn a point cloud into a continuous volume.
  6. Use the Calculator filter to create a velocity vector: iHatU_0+jHatU_1+kHat*U_2
  7. Use The Gradient Of Unstructured Data Set filter to calculate vorticity from velocity vector.

Here is a ParaView state file that replicates the above.
vorticity.pvsm (1.1 MB)

Thanks Kyoshimi,

I tried what ever you stepped out . With same pvms file, I do not see vorticies but I can visualize other like u_0, u_2. I took screenshot just after loading in pvsm.

I followed myself to generate the visualization pipeline I get the error for filter “gradientOfUnstructureDataset”.

In this case I do not see anything.


In loading a pvsm, would you hit the eye icon on the left side of GradientOfUnstructuredDataSet1 in the pipeline browser?

I got it with pvsm. Actually I did just refresh the dataset and I can see. But its not smooth one (may be because of grid size I will check that if its).

If I want to see line contours of vorticity then how do I do that?

And when I setup pipeline myself I get the error for filter i.e. second image above.


Some additional steps might be required to see contour lines:

  1. Use the Calculator filter to extract y-component from a vorticity vector: Vorticity_Y
  2. Apply the Slice filter to cut a volume with a symmetry plane: Origin(0.625, 0.625, 5), Normal(0, 1, 0)
  3. Use the Contour filter to to grab contours.

This is a state file:
vorticity1.pvsm (1.4 MB)

And when I setup pipeline myself I get the error for filter i.e. second image above.

I’m afraid that I have no idea why the error occurs.