VR "Compositor initialization failed."

Dear PVer,
I build valve/openVR and paraview openVR plugin with myself, but when i run paraview then clicked “send to openVR”, the program crashed with below error:
“Compositor initialization failed.”

In my build process, I did not do anything about vr compositor, my question is: Do i need include any vr compositor library to build paraview openVR? How to do it?

I am using the proposed hardware HTC Vive Pro .

Thanks in advance!


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There maybe different reasons for “Compositor initialization failed.”, for my case it is final found out caused by Version Not Match between openVR and steamVR.
I am using latest openVR source code with “IVRCompositor_026” which is not supported by my steamVR whose version is 1.9.16, whose compatible openVR version is “IVRCompositor_024”.

checkout openVR to v1.9.16 then rebuild openVR, it works well!