VRML importer regression

There is a regression between 4.1 and 5.0RC1.
Here is the 4.1

vs the 5.0rc1 .

The data I used is here.

If you uncheck “Map Scalars” you get the expected rendering.

Where do I find MapScalars?

Found it! Thanks

Actually, it is a regression. In 4., MapScalars was off by default. Why was the default changed?

4.0 and even 5.0rc1 is ancient history by now, so hard to recall exactly why the default was changed. My guess is that treating a 3-component array as a color array by default would be surprising for most datasets handled by ParaView, so that’s most likely the reason for the change.

We try not to change defaults when it can be avoided, and even provide a way for customers to save their own default settings when they don’t like ParaView’s. When we do change a default or remove parameters, we provide backwards compatibility support for older ParaView state files and even Python scripts. But when you are starting fresh, those mechanisms obviously don’t come into play.