Vtk animation doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I made a simulation with OpenFoam and I am checking the results on Paraview. There are many .vtk files created in the simulation and I can see them perfecty. The problem is that the animation doesn’t work, simply I can’t see the evolution of some variables through the passing of time. Thank you for your attention and kind replies

use the OpenFOAM reader instead of converting to VTK.

You may need to create a case.foam in your simulation directory.

I sincerely thank for the reply, but I have created the case.foam. The purpose was to focus over the animation of the VTK. I don’t know why, even if there are like 250 istants of time, the program only select 10 of them and doesn’t show the changing through the time of some variables like che velocity or the pressure

Please share your data

U_propeller.vtk (221.0 KB)
This file contains the VTK about velocity on a propeller I made in my simulation. As you can see in the picture below, the file shows only 10 istants of time over the 250 that the normal case.foam contains. Olso, if I press the command “play”, the animation doesn’t run

As I already said, this VTK file does not contain the timesteps, use the .foam file instead.

Ok, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I thank you for your kind reply