VTK Commom Core Error while building Paraview from source

Hi, I am getting this error when I build Paraview from source. I was able to build it last week and even run custom applications. I had to build it again due to some reason but getting this error now

[198/21274] Generating the wrap hierarchy for VTK::CommonCore FAILED: lib/vtk/hierarchy/ParaView
/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.txt /Users/msa/paraview_build/lib/vtk/hierarchy/ParaView/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.txt cd /Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common/Core && /Users/msa/paraview_build
/bin/vtkWrapHierarchy-pv5.11 @/Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common/Core/CMakeFiles
/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.Release.args -o /Users/msa/paraview_build/lib/vtk/hierarchy/ParaView
/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.txt /Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common/Core/CMakeFiles
/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.data @/Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common/Core/CMakeFiles
/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.depends.args /bin/sh: line 1: 88112 Segmentation fault: 11 /Users
/msa/paraview_build/bin/vtkWrapHierarchy-pv5.11 @/Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common
/Core/CMakeFiles/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.Release.args -o /Users/msa/paraview_build/lib/vtk
/hierarchy/ParaView/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.txt /Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common
/Core/CMakeFiles/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.data @/Users/msa/paraview_build/VTK/Common
/Core/CMakeFiles/vtkCommonCore-hierarchy.depends.args [207/21274] Building CXX object 
VTK/Common/Core/CMakeFiles/CommonCore.dir/vtkDataArray.cxx.o ninja: build stopped: subcommand 

this does not contain the actual error.

It does have a problem, but without a backtrace, it’s not clear what might be the actual cause.

I was able to figure out the issue. I had build Paraview before as well but had to build it again due to some reason. The LD_LIBRARY_PATH was already set and I believe it was interfering with the new build.
Once I cleared the LD_LIBRARY_PATH I was able to resolve this issue.

Ah, yep, that’s a common one…LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings should really be in module load or shell-local things.