VTK file visualization and surface/volume mesh extraction

Hello Gentle people

I am facing an issue when trying to create a stl surface from vtk file generated from a open source program. I am not an expert on the program that outputs the vtk file nor it has many parameters that i can control. Opening the file in paraview does show closed surfaces and is exactly what i need but in an stl format.

  • Opened file in ParaView
  • Used paraview to extract surface and then exported the surface file as stl.
  • Open Stl in meshmixer

It seems the stl has alternating face normals. Please help me to solve this problem.

GenerateSurfaceNormals filter maybe ?

This may be an issue in mesh mixer though.

I have exported the stl in other programs (CFD solvers) and the alternating face normal strips are also shown there. So i do not think the problem is with meshmixer.

Could you please explain the step where i should apply the GenerateSurfaceNormals filter?

Filters - > Alphabetical → GenerateSurfaceNormals → Apply

Thanks. i applied this filter after GenerateSurface filter and that solved the problem.