Hello everyone,
I am facing a small problem. I am trying to simulate granular assemblies in 2D. I am using 2D Glyph, circles, filled! The problem is that the disks I am getting are somehow octagonal. I have seen that they are octagonal because they are defined only by 8 points. Is there any clever way to increase the number of points to make these “octagonal” real disks?
Hope my message was clear, thank you in advance.

If you are coding pure vtk, please go to the vtk forum.

If you are using ParaView, are you using the Glyph source or the 3D Glyph representation ?

Hello Nicolas, thank you for your reply
I am using Glyph3D

It seems that you cannot control the circle resolution directly.
So what you need is:

  • create a Disk from the Source menu. Setup the resolution you want and maybe other properties (radius will not matter here)
  • on your dataset, apply the Glyph with Custom Source filter, and use your disk as Glyph Source
  • OR use the 3D Glyph representation and instead of 2D glyph, select pipeline connection and choose your disk