VTKHDF format


I have two VTKHDF dataset, one with the full flowfield and one with only surface data, is there a way to combine those dataset into one VTKHDF? If so, can this be done also at writing time? What should be the VTKHDF file structure to achieve that?

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Hello @Frankx9,

What datatype are you using for these 2 vtkhdf file? PolyData? UnstructuredGrid?

We actively work on extending the VTKHDF file format to have composite data set, the design proposal is here:

So when it will be done, the best way to handle your use case will be to use it.


Iā€™m using unstructured grids at the moment

ok, so the best way still be to use the future composite support in vtkhdf file format which will contained your 2 UnstruturedGrid.

I will keep you up to date about any improvement in vtkhdf file format regarding your use case