vtkImageReader.cxx not available for modelling with raw file

Hi there,

I’m new to ParaView (5.7.0) and have hit an unexpected roadblock. Following instruction given here (see below) I am trying to build a 3D model from slices, prepared using ImageJ and MuhRec (collected via neutron tomography, so greyscale). As recommended I created raw file and applied the relevant scalar type and data extent. However, when the process always fails. I get the generic warning: In C:\bbd\ecd3383f\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\IO\Image\vtkImageReader.cxx, line 307
File operation failed. row = 0, Tried to Read = 3086, Read = 0, Skip0 = 0, Skip1 = 0, FilePos = -1
ParaView is not installed in hardrive C and I’ve not been able to trace it.

Any advice would be great! Thank you.


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Welcome to ParaView, Chloe!

Did you make sure to set the Data Extent upper bounds to the image dimensions - 1? That is often a source of difficulty.

Hello Cory!

I’ve run through your suggestion with a couple of times on a large (1930 slices) and small (32 slices) set but still no luck. Instead I get this error message:

ERROR: In C:\bbd\ecd3383f\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\IO\Image\vtkImageReader.cxx, line 190
vtkImageReader (000002272AC90CE0): Header size: 4294769728, file ext: -1, 1542, -1, 1542, -1, 31

Do let me know if there is any additional information I can provide, and thank you for your help!

Best wishes,

Don’t set the values in the left column of the Data Extent property to -1, set them to 0 and try again.

When set to 0 I get the outline of a block, but then the program tends to crash.

Can you share a dataset so we can try to reproduce the crash?

Chloe and Cory,

I am facing the exact same problem. Wondering if you have figured out the solution yet. I am trying to use paraview to read in some tomography data in .raw format exported from Avizo.