Vtkjs + Glance condition of utilisation

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I search on Kitware website but I did not find a convincing answer to the following question:
What are the conditions of distribution of the html vizualisations done with glance.

More precisely : if I want to render my data using glance and distribute it for a scientific paper or a use it to advertise some simulation results obtained by company and rendered using paraview glance (citing jitware and paraview glance as a rendering tool) do I need to pay something ?

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AFAIK there is nothing in our license regarding images generated with glance, but a mention about Kitware and ParaView Glance would be deeply appreciated.

If you distribute Glance itself, then you should follow the BSD license here:

Which means that you need to let the Copyright and license on it.

Maybe @jourdain can complete my answer

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Thak you a lot.

We do not plan to distibute glance, only the interactive .html file generated by its means.
And we do plan to cite glance. Do you have a preferred citation ?

Having a mention of Kitware/Glance will definitely be appreciated but not required.

Thanks for reaching out!

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