The documentation for the VTK Point Density filter (not available in ParaView) references an alternative method for getting the same result:

As an interesting side note: using the
vtkPointInterpolation class with a vtkLinearKernel, a (scalar) weighting
point attribute, a point cloud source, and an input volume produces the
same result as this filter does (assuming that the input volume is the

Is this alternative method something that is already exposed with ParaView, without having to mess with an XML plugin? The documentation and behavior of things like PointVolumeInterpolator doesn’t seem quite right, but perhaps I’m misunderstnading something?

I was able to generate density using the Point DataSet Interpolator Filter.

I must be missing something about how that filter works. Can you explain how you did that?

Here is a state file.
pointInterp.pvsm (600.9 KB)

Load the state and switch to “Volume” representation.

The Point Volume Interpolator seems to be broken though.

I got pulled away from this for a while, but I had a chance to look at it more closely. My results using the vtkPointDensity filter weren’t consistent. It’s entirely possible that my XML plugin is faulty (it’s certainly crude), so I’ve attached it for comparison. The state file computes the density both ways.
PointDensityPlugin.xml (1.3 KB)
pointInterpCompare.pvsm (928.6 KB)


Sorry, I had no time to investigate this.
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