vtkPolyDataReader Error: Unsupported point attribute type

Dear friends,

I am kindly asking for help in addressing the vtkPolyDataReader Error: Unsupported point attribute type.

I am writing a VTK file for discrete points with several scalar properties and vector properties. However, when I import the VTK file into the Paraview, there is always a vtkPolyDataReader Error. I use the ‘double’ data type for all my scalar and vector properties. It seems the problem mainly arises from the vector parameters. Could anyone help me to check what is the problem with my VTK file? The VTK file has been attached.

Thank you so much for your help!

Lagrangian_00015.vtk (1.3 MB)

Your last pointdata array, VECTORS PARCEL_VELOCITY DOUBLE, contains 16000 lines instead of 8000.

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Hi Mathieu,

I have similar problem. No, your comment is not correct. There are two vector fields and hence 16000 lines instead of 8000.

Are you testing with the data provided by @Charles ?

I had the same problem. so I was looking for a solution and tried his file too. I

Looks like you are right, the issue I mentionned is indeed not present. No idea why it is not working though.

I found my problem. I my case there was some error in writing the exponential: instead of writing 2.345E-20, 2.345-20 was getting written to the data file and paraview read more data than required.

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