I have a plugin derived from vtkTableAlgorithm that I would like to update for Paraview 5.7+. I’ve been following the migration guide.

However when building I don’t have this file vtkPVVTKExtensionsDefaultModule.h which I need for VTKPVVTKEXTENSIONSDEFAULT_EXPORT.

What has VTKPVVTKEXTENSIONSDEFAULT_EXPORT been replaced by in 5.7+?

Your plugin code shouldn’t be explicitly using that file or the macro. It is meant for code in that module itself. Can you elaborate where the error is coming from?

Oh interesting. This is a filter I wrote many years back, cobbled together from existing code and help from the old paraview-dev mailing list. I’m not particularly comfortable with it, and once it was working, I haven’t touched it since.

The line in question is this one

That is, the error is in my code.

You should be able to remove it entirely or replace it with VTK_EXPORT.

Ok I will try that. Is there a specific header I should include?