vtkTIFFReader class can't read LZW-compressed tif but ParaView can?

Hi everyone,

I have some LZW-compressed tif files that cannot be read by vtkTIFFReader class in my code, but ParaView has no problem with them. Someone told me that ParaView may actually be using external libtiff since it doesn’t link to any LZW library. My questions:

  1. Does ParaView use external libtiff? If so, could anyone tell me where to get the libtiff that ParaView uses? Is it the one from www.libtiff.org?

  2. If ParaView doesn’t use external libtiff and implements LZW encode/decode internally, which code of ParaView should I look at and how can I use it and populate the output to vtkTIFFReader?


We use paraview superbuild to build the ParaView binaries. Grepping through that project will tell you what libtiff is used to build the binary.