vtkUnstructuredGridReader paraview frozen

i dont know what is happening, can somebody help me?
my_file.vtk (3.9 KB)

Your data file is malformed. I can’t really make sense of what is in the file. Where did it come from?

so i have a fortran code for discrete elements modeling which prints for the GiD. Now im in process to implement a printer to the paraview. im basis what i have read on documentation im did this:
WRITE(404) “# vtk DataFile Version 3.0”//char(10)
WRITE(404) “Particle Field”//char(10)
WRITE(404) “BINARY”//char(10)
right after i would print the actual positions and then “POINT DATA” like velocities, spins, angles, radius, temperature…
thanks for your attention

that archive “myfilevtk” which is in the first post should be like this(gid archive, openable in notepad)
COND3p_2.post.res (306.9 KB)
thank you for your attention

How are you opening the file in Fortran? AFAIK, you should open it in “direct” access mode to avoid writing a record header for each data array you are writing.

Might I recommend writing a file in ASCII mode first and making sure that works before switching over to the BINARY format?