vtkXMLMultiBLockDataReader and simple.XMLMultiBLockDataReader

Now I’m constructing my server for reading simulation result, result from LS Dyna d3plot.
When I import D3PLOT in paraview and export to vtm file,
file structure is as follows

fileName_1.vtm (time-step1)
fileName_1/fileName_0_0_0.vtu (block1)
fileName_1/fileName_0_1_0.vtu (block2)
fileName_1/fileName_0_2_0.vtu (block3)

fileName_2.vtm (time-step2)
fileName_3.vtm (time-step3)
fileName_4.vtm (time-step4)

In here, I want to open this file for paraview.simple/trame

so, i read them by using simple.XMLMultiBLockDataReader, and render as example07_timeanimation.

now, I have one problem.
There are so many “block” for each file,
so i want to make drop-down button for choose block and show that and hideall others.

It is simple show and hide all, because i just use simple.ShowAll(view) and simple.ShowAll(view).
But if i want to show only ones,
because blockselector is not working for paraview.simple server envronment.
How can i show and hide only chosen block?
I can make block name list, but I cant make subsource(sub proxy?) for one block

Help me please… I spent time almost 2days…