.vtu File doesn't play all solution in a "Collection" in Paraview

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to play a .vtu file which contains all the timesteps of my solution but when Paraview read my .vtu file, it somehow partitioned those timesteps into individual Cell/Point Array. How do I combine them all together so that I can play all of them in on go ? Thank you

Please share your data

this the data, thank you for the swift reply.

I’m afraid your data is not temporal, you need to convert it to a temporal dataset, and ParaView cannot do that automatically.

It can be done manually and you could write a python script to automatize that manual operation.

Hi thanks for the feedback. I’m currently still new to the VTK package in Python. It will be very generous of you to point out the functions that I would require to perform said correction to my data. Thank you !

Are you using ParaView or VTK ?

I’m using Paraview to view the .vtu file. Can I do it in Paraview software itself ? Or do I need to do it in Python script ?

If you mean usual filters, no.

Or do I need to do it in Python script ?

You have two ways to do this.

  1. Do it using VTKPython in order to create files on disk that will be correctly formatted
  2. Do it in a programmable filter using VTKPython that will dynamically modify the data the way you want.

Both solution are quite similar tbh.

How do I start with the second method ? Is there an online tutorial for it ?


What makes the DataArray temporal ? What form should my DataArray should take ? Could you give me an example ?

They are many examples in the link I shared.