warning about old stuff in version 5.3 and 5.4

Hello all

I am using 5.7-RC3 and am still getting warnings as shown below, when running pvbatch. I am not using that PLY reader in my script, so I do not know where this comes from.

(  14.284s) [main thread     ]         vtkSMProxy.cxx:886   WARN| vtkSMSourceProxy (0x35656c0): Proxy (sources, plyreader)  has been de
precated in ParaView 5.3 and will be removed by ParaView 5.4. 
          This has been replaced by "PLYReader" which also supports a series of PLY files.

the plyreader has indeed not been removed yet, but is not used anywhere in ParaView.
Can you try to reproduce with -dr ?

The -dr option has no effect. Note that my $HOME/.config/ParaView folder has no ParaView5*ini files at all. I am puzzled as to where this message would be triggered

Do you have any ParaView version information set in your pvbatch scripts? E.g.,

paraview.compatibility.major = 5
paraview.compatibility.minor = 2


No, I have no python code with compatibility flag…

Could you share a simple script that reproduce the issue ?

I reproduce in pvpython (built from 5.7 tag, also tested with master) with the following.

from paraview.simple import *

For the state file, I simply ran ParaView with ./bin/paraview -dr and immediately save the state.
empty_dr.pvsm (52.8 KB)