Warp by vector with heat map

I have a 2D region and the data of the displacement of each poiont with displacements, so I can see how it changes its shape using warp by vector. I also have a scalar data in each point of the initial region (pressure in each point). Using this data I can see heat map of pressure on the region in the initial coordinates (so the shape does not change, but colors do change). Is it possible to combine vector displacement data and scalar pressure data to see the heat map of the pressure on the deformed region? Thank you!

When using the WrapByVector filter you can picking pressure in the Coloring field. See below:

Thank you! Should I merge V and Pres to one pvd file, or should I make two separate files and open them simultaneously in Paraview? If the first, how do I merge it? If the second, how to open them simultaneously? Thank you!

Merging pvd data depends your application. If you have two files, assuming that both pvd files have the same points (xy coordinates), you can merge the attributes V, Pres, using the AppendAttributes Filter see also here

They are defined on the same mesh, but I can’t succeed to apply AppendAttributes following the cited example