Web APIs with Python

Dear All,

Has Paraview Python any package to create a Web Api (like package Flask)?

Which one?


Luís Gonçalves

You mean REST endpoint?

Depending on wslink version you have either a twisted (wslink < 1) server or aiohttp (wslink >= 1)

Dear Sebastien,

Can you please instruct me, with links, how to use wslink in such a way?


Luís Gonçalves

In which way? I still don’t know what you want? I made some assumption for you but you did not confirmed or denied your intent. Also project like twisted or aiohttp are not owned by Kitware and you will have more luck asking those questions elsewhere. Google tend to provide a good entry point.

Yes, use REST protocol.

Which version of wslink?

wslink from Paraview Python 5.9.0 (EGL Linux)

Then: Google(how to make REST endpoint with twisted)