what can be customized with XML files


I am still lost in the XML/Proxy jungle of PV and I want to know what can be customized in an XML file describing a plugin. For example, If I create a custom view that inherits vtkPVRenderView, in the XML file (under the RenderViewProxy tag) is it possible to set new default values of some “views” properties like “InteractionMode” and “representations” properties such as “Scale” ?

Is there a good documentation describing the tags that can be used and what can fetched from the vtkSMProxies ?

What’s the difference between ProxyProperty and SubProxy tags ??? (look at views_and_representations.xml)

Any techniques related to XML debugging is also welcomed !

Another question : is it vtkSMSessionManager who parses all the XML files in order to create vtkSMProxies ? any information related to the XML subject is welcome !