What happend to OSPRay?

what happend to OSPRay in the latest Gitlab version? I build it with OPRay1.8, but the familiar and loved checkbox “Enable OSPRay” is gone. :frowning: How can I enable it? Has anybody tested it together with Intel’s Open Image Denoise yet?
And also, would it be possible to bring back the cmake_autoload_plugin_xxx options for all the plugins?
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You can enable it again with two lines of Python

v.EnableOSPRay = 1
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The missing button is an unintended bug. I’m guessing it is related to the cmake refactoring.

Carson has a merge request to enable open image denoise in the vtk level gitlab.

Both are on my todo list for 5.7.

Please start a new discussion about the plugins.

Thank you both! Looking forward getting the GUI controls back. :wink: Thanks for your work!
Cheers, Niklas

It is back now in master. https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/merge_requests/3080