what happened to XDMF?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, although I have been using paraview for a long time!

I really like the xdmf file format, it allows me to read the raw binary data from my HPC applications, using a single metadata file to read a time series of all my field data variables (e.g. in a regular Cartesian domain)… I also used it to render millions of particles with Point Gaussian (and before with Point Sprite) and it works perfectly (and very fast) reading them in paraview as an unstructured grid with point data values.

However, I am a bit concerned that xdmf is not being actively maintained anymore (I have also seen some discussion on this matter in another post) the website has some issues with the logo on the top left, and all the snippets have some issue in the format, on the first line. I do see, however, that the commit activity on gitlab did not stop completely.

I’m wondering if I should migrate to another approach to visualizing my data. Do you know some good alternatives to xdmf that allow for a similar approach for keeping a series of large raw data files that can be visualized with a single metadata file? Or should I keep my faith in the format?