What is included in data point with respect to volumetric mesh

Hello, I want to ask about the data points.

After simulation that I use, I open the result file (*.e).

Through the paraview, I can see every volumetric mesh.

Also, after applying several equations that I need, I can extract the data points with respect to volumetric mesh.

As far as I know, there are several options for data such as point data, cell data, vertex data… etc.

What I want to know is

"What X, Y, Z coordinates of point data stand for with respect to volumetric mesh?"

For instance, does those coordinates specify node at volumetric mesh?

Also, can I extract the data in terms of volume elements?

I appreciate your help.

I am facing the same obstacles you mentioned. I have my volumetric mesh in .vtu form. However, I am facing problems in transmitting the stresses (point data) at the points. Till now, I did not know how the paraview allocate the stress (point data). I mean the stresses are not pushed to the point I want. Do you have an idea about solving this problem?

Thank you

share some data or screenshot, this is unclear.

Thank you for replying. I have my stresses in a Finite element software where the stresses are distributed at the nodes using global numbering. I am transmitting these stresses to the nodes to the Paraview, where I am using the .vtu format. Here the .vtu I get

. My problem is that my stresses are not transmitted correctly to paraview. Therefore my question is, how .vtu is allocating my stresses at the nodes? Is the first 6 stresses are for the first node I gave during the coordinate, or it is storing my stresses with connectivity format?
In conlusion, I am afraid that you will not understand me.However,my main question is, is vtu format storing my stresses in global or local numbering ?

Thank you

please share your actual .vtu file.

vtufile.vtu (1.5 KB)

In the same order your points are defined in your vtu file.

Thank you, now it is clear.