What is length in integrate variables of a sliced surface


I want to calculate perimeter of a 3D building with slice surface shown in picture attached

When I use integrate variables and view cell data in spreadsheet, it shows me length in one column. I want to know if this length is the total perimeter of three buildings? or is it something else? How do I calculate the covered area of building?

Supposing each building is a polyline you can use vtkTriangleFilter to create the faces and extrude them

Sorry. I didn’t read yior question carefully, without the extrusion you should be able to get the area with vtkMassProperties filter

About the perimer I think you should do vtkstripper with connect contiguous segments or vtkPolydata conectivity filter, I’m not sure anout the orther and after that you need to traverse all the points of a cell polyline summimg the distamce on poimt i with point i+1


For the perimeter of each section line, it may be easier to use the Plot On Sorted Lines filter. This filter puts the section line of each building into one block and calculates the arc_length of each.