What is subproxy?

Hello ParaView developers!

Could one please clarify when I should use SubProxy and not property and give an example?

Thank you very much!

It is proxy that is integrated into another proxy seamlessly.


I dont get what is written there

What is representation type?

      <!-- this adds to what is already defined in PVRepresentationBase -->
      <RepresentationType subproxy="MySpecialRepresentation"
        text="Special Mapper" subtype="Surface" />

And what is this subproxy needed for?

    <Proxy name="MySpecialRepresentation"
      proxygroup="representations" proxyname="MySpecialRepresentation">
    <ShareProperties subproxy="SurfaceRepresentation">
      <Exception name="Input" />
      <Exception name="Visibility" />
      <Exception name="Representation" />

What is representation type?

Surface, SurfaceWithEdges, Volume…

And what is this subproxy needed for?

It is needed so that “MySpecialRepresentation” is added to the possible representaiton types.

What is the difference of name and proxyname for proxy/subproxy?

A proxy has a name, it should be unique.

When you set a subproxy, you give it a name, then you point which proxy to use using proxygroup and proxyname. It should correspond to a proxy name and group.