What is the correct way plot particles and clip the scene?

I am looking for a simple example that shows how plot particles that I can color according to point data and clip. I created a VTP file. It loads properly. The coloring by point data works great too. I have to visualize the points using the point gaussian option. However, if I want to clip the science, paraview crashes or does not show the correct clip. I am not sure I am using the correct format and could not find an example online. I am confused if I should be using cell option, but paraview complains when I do not include it.

Any suggestions or help?


Here is an example of my current VTP file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<VTKFile type="UnstructuredGrid" version="0.1" byte_order="LittleEndian">
		<Piece NumberOfPoints="3" NumberOfCells="3">
				<DataArray type="Float64" NumberOfComponents="3" format="ascii">
					-8.440588e+01 5.965692e+01 2.186531e+01
					-9.275425e+01 4.851919e+01 -4.325278e+01
					-1.052648e+02 2.065449e+01 1.702934e+01
				<DataArray type="Int32" Name="connectivity" format="ascii">
				<DataArray type="Int32" Name="offsets" format="ascii">
				<DataArray type="Int32" Name="types" format="ascii">
				<DataArray type="Int32" Name="landmarks" NumberofComponents="1" format="ascii">
				<DataArray type="Int32" Name="materials" NumberofComponents="1" format="ascii">


However, if I want to clip the science, paraview crashes or does not show the correct clip.

Please provide exact steps to reproduce.

  1. Open Deformed_Plot_0.vtu
  2. Render points as point gaussian
  3. enable clipping filter
  4. Render points as point gaussian with Gaussian radius of 2
  5. Invert clipping (this step does not work)

See my steps here: https://www.loom.com/share/d40e7a4ee36b42e598870ecdcb184215
File: Deformed_Plot_0.vtu (1.0 KB)

Hi -

Just wanted to follow up. Even if there is an example VTP file out there that someone is willing to share, I can probably take it from there. To be specific I am looking for a particle file that you can clip. That’s it!


Your loom link doesn’t seems to work, it is all blurry for some reasons.

What do you mean by:

  • enable clipping filter


I am sorry about the loom link, please try this https://youtu.be/qmiYOYuCGLw.

By clip I mean the button in the attached picture

If I have a collection of particles, I want to clip half of them away.

There is some issues with your file, you can check the spreadsheet. You could use a polyvertex instead.

Deformed_Plot_0(1).vtu (1.0 KB)

great thank you. I see what you did. Will this be an issue if I go to a large number of points, say 100,000? Do you think I can keep it as a single cell polyvertex?

Actually, you should always prefer polyvertex.

I had a similar issue when trying to clip away portions of a particle cloud that was rendered as “point gaussian”. I was expecting to cut pieces out from the rendered spheres, but the clip filter only removes the data points outside the clip region. So what you get is a smaller amount of the points, that you then can turn into “gaussian” rendered spheres again. See attached.

I would love to have clipping planes that apply to the rendering, but that seems specific to the render engine. The NVIDIA IndeX volume renderer supports this, for example.