What types of filters can be used for visualizing vectors?


There’s a plot (attached) and I’m required to make a similar one. The first thing I thought about is glyphs, but I get a few oddly sized vectors, a whole field of vectors or something else, depending on settings. Is there a recommendation someone can give me on making this type of plot?

Hi Dmitrii
I think the ArrowGlyph plugin is what you are looking for. As far as I know you need the Arrow Glyph to display the vector arrows, but scaling them to the correct length makes the shorter ones also very thin and (almost) invisible. When you load the ArrowGlyph plugin you will find the ArrowGlyph Filter in your filters. Applying this to your data allows scaling the shaft and tip by 1/magnitude (you will probably need to calculate this using the Calculator Filter first, apply the Arrow Glyph Filter to the Calculator then). This will keep the arrows at constant shaft and tip radius.
Hope this helps!