What's relation between VR button and mouse of PC?

Can the following scenario be implemented?

suppose in paraview 3D view, it works that when left mouse is clicked to select a object, that will pop up a decription string.
Then in VR , how can we use VR button to pop up the string?

Thanks anyway

Wich mechanism is doing that ?

FYI @Tiffany_Chhim @martink

like this

Is it the HoverOnPoint feature ?

There is a pick point feature in VR.

any document describe this ? now I want this feature in VR .

I’m afraid not yet, but @Tiffany_Chhim can probably explain to you exactly.

Hello mahb,

There is no documentation available currently unfortunately.

In VR mode, by default, if you point your (usually right-hand) controller on a cell and push the trigger (could depend on the type of controller), a popup should appear with some information on the cell.

It should report the call data for the cell you selected (and maybe the position also)

many thanks, how to define the information?

yes, now by default it just popup the position, will you help tell how to define the information?

It is hard coded to show the position and cell data for the cell picked. To change it you’ld change the code in the openvr plugin.

Many thanks,I will try.