What's the best way to visualise Abaqus simulations in Paraview

I am looking to use the Abaqus output file to create a more user-friendly infographic, using customizations that Paraview provides.
Is there an effective way to visualise Abaqus output in Paraview? Do I need to use some Plugins/scripts outside of paraview?
all suggestions are welcome!

There is no Abaqus plugin for ParaView yet. It would be nice to have one though.

You will have to convert your data to another format.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I am not sure what would be a good format to start with- do you have any suggestions on that?

ParaView supports a very wide range of format. You can convert into .vtk with this tool :

We would be glad to add a abaqus reader to VTK and ParaView if anyone want to provide funding for it.

Thanks again!
I tried the plugin but am facing an error-Is this an appropriate forum to ask for support in using this script?

I’m afraid you will have to ask the developer of this tool. You may also want to ask on abaqus related forum.