Where are VTK Polthedra, Include Sets, and other options from the Properties in paraview 5.11

I have installed paraview 5.11.0 and I have a problem with finding the options such as VTK Polyhedra, Include sets and other that were in previous versions been available to tick in the Properties window. Can someone please tell me where to find it now? I have been searching through the Guide and internet, but I found nothing.

Thank you in advance,

Are you looking for advanced properties? Click on this icon.

it shows more with this icon yes, but still not the functions that I need (the ones that I listed in my question).


I’m not sure what options you are referring to. Could you describe the steps you took in previous verions of ParaView that lead to those options?

Hi, yes so I am working in OpenFOAM and when loading the case into ParaView (before clicking Apply) in the past versions I was able to tick the boxes in the Properties window:

File-> Open
Properties-> VTK Polyhedra, Include Sets, Skip Zero Time… (ticking the boxes)

Now most of this options are not available to tick in the Properties and I would like to know how to get to them.

It looks like OpenFOAM can write EnSight .case files. My suspicion is that that is what you are loading. The options for the EnSight reader don’t include those that you mention.

If you instead load a .foam file, then the OpenFOAM reader will be used, and that does have the options you mentioned.