Where is the Python shell GUI in ParaView 5.6.0?

I am following The Tutorial to study ParaView. The version of ParaView I am using is 5.6.0. I am stuck at Exercise 3.3 which says we can open the Python shell GUI by clicking Tools -> Python Shell from the menu. To my frustration, I couldn’t find this menu anywhere in ParaView 5.6.0 but it is available in version 5.4.0. So where is this menu item in ParaView 5.6.0, or how do I supposed to open Python shell GUI in ParaView 5.6.0? Thanks a lot!

Woops, thanks for the heads up. Documentation is out of date.

We moved the Python shell to be under the View menu. That way you can dock the Python Shell below the Render View, if desired.

No problem at all. Good catch.


Incidentally, we plan to be updating the tutorial for 5.6 shortly.