Where is the VTKm's Slice filter in Paraview?

I am using the latest Paraview 5.11.0. I loaded the VTKm plugin in the Paraview. But from the filters list from VTKm, the Slice filter is missing… Do you know why? From the latest guide of VTKm at https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk-m-user-guide/-/wikis/uploads/VTKmUsersGuide-1-9.pdf, the Slice filter should exist.

@sujin can you comment?

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The slice filter is a recent addition to VTK-m, and the plugin was created before it. So I think that is why it is missing Slice. We will need to add an entry to VTKmSM.xml to expose the filter in ParaView.

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Thank you @sujin and @cory.quammen for this help. :grinning: