Where to find vtp files describing a scene ?

Apart from the examples delivered within Paraview, where can I find scenes decomposed with vtp file ?

Thank you.

What does that mean ?

I mean vtp files that show the evolution of a shape, like the cup example

You can easily create your own using the TimeManager, but could you explain what you are trying to do here ?

II just would like to see some other files with this code :https://kitware.github.io/vtk-js/examples/TimeSeries/index.html

I don’t have a paraview project. So I just would like to find some public vtp files coming from other persons projects like I could do with files with glb or gltf format.

Do you want to learn how to geneate such files with ParaView ?

If not, you can download data from https://www.paraview.org/download/

I will try both. Thanks for your answer.

I only succeed exporting data at vtpc format, what to do to have it at vtp format ?

this is because your have a composite dataset, use MergeBlocks and select “PolyData” as an output. Then you can save to .vtp

Thank you