Where to put example visualization files?


I want to bundle example visualization examples to Paraview.

I download ParaViewTestingDataFiles-v5.9.0.tar.gz.
I unpack everything to share/paraview-5.9/examples.
However, it error looking for disk_out_ref.ex2 in /examples. So I copy everything in /share/paraview-5.9/examples/Testing/Data/* and put it to /share/paraview-5.9/examples
Paraview now able to see and open the example visualizations.

My question is, is it the correct way to do this?
What about ParaViewTestingDataStore-v5.9.0.tar.gz? Where should I put it?
What about Clients, Plugins, Remoting, and VTKExtensions folder in ParaViewTestingDataFiles? Where should I put them?

I’m am Flatpaking Paraview, I want to bundle the examples.

Put the needed data in /share/paraview-5.8/examples

share/paraview-5.8/examples]$ ls
can.ex2  disk_out_ref.ex2  headsq.vti

The rest is related to testing, which you may not want in your flatpak.