Which file I need to download and install for windows?

Hi I am very new in ParaView. I have downloaded “ParaView-5.11.0-Windows-Python3.9-msvc2017-AMD64” but not finding any “.exe” file to be installed in windows. Please help.

It is a .msi file, that can be installed.

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I downloaded the file “ParaView-5.11.0-Windows-Python3.9-msvc2017-AMD64” and installed it. When trying to open it from Start Menu, nothing shows for paraview. Any idea, what could be the reason for that.

what happens when you double click on the program in C:/Program Files/ParaView/bin/paraview.exe ?

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It works. Thank you.

Facing another problem. While trying to open a fluent case, nothing is progressing.

please share your file

Hi Mat,
The files contains confidential data. So I am not able to share it. Sorry for that.

Do I need to convert fluent case file into Ensight case gold file? I am trying to open the case file directly instead of converting Ensight file?

This is worth trying. Without having the Fluent file to try, it is difficult to say what may be happening.