Which filter to be applied for seeing time evolution of a dot in a 1D domain


I have pp concentrations in a x=(-50,50) a 1 dimensional domain over t=(0,150) at pp.pvd file, I want to see the value of pp at the x=0 point overtime, the time evolution. Finally my aim is to attain a “pp(0) vs t” plot.

For doing that, I first

applied PlotOverLine filter to pp.pvd,

making the arrow passing from x=0, then

applied PlotDataOverTime to the output of PlotOverLine.

But it didn’t worked. -Maybe it is designed for 2D domains- I had an empty graph with funny numbers like …e+299.

Any ideas?

You can try selecting the point you want to plot and then use Plot Selection Over Time instead.

Thank you, it looks like selecting is quite handy! 6. Selecting Data — ParaView Documentation 5.8.1 documentation