which visual studio versions to build paraview on windows?

Looking at the cmakecache from the tylo, nemesis and hera via the dashboards, all seem to be on visual studio 2015. Is that correct?

I’m setting up a new development machine and releases older than 2019 are harder to come by.


2019 would be good. VTK builds fine with it as far as I know. If ParaView doesn’t, it would be good to know about and resolve.

With 2019 and compiling via the superbuild, boost complained about unrecognized compiler version. For the moment I reverted to 2015 to make progress on something else, but I’ll see about working through 2019 as time permits. The more the merrier though, so lets work on it collectively here:



the latest visual studio has increased their MSVC_VERSION.

This patch has fixed the superbuild for me : boost_cmake.patch (518 Bytes)

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