White background/font color bug?

I ran into the following problem today:

If a time annotation is rendered in white font color in a render window and the image is saved with the white background option, the font is turned into black at save time.

I guess might be an expected behavior to avoid white on white, but in my case the annotation is on top o a blue contour and I actually want to keep it with a white font color, so might look as a bug to me.



Hi Red,
I believe you are updating the Color Palette to get a white background. This is the correct and common way to change background. You can edit your palette to make the text white. Note - the Color Palette looks like a palette icon left of the time controls.

Hi Alan.

No, I’m actually working with the default background color and then using the “White Background” option from the “Override Color Palette” drop down list in the Save Screenshot Options panel.