white lines in vector graphics export

Dear Paraview community,
I use Paraview 5.9.1. I’m encountering issues while exporting the svg plots from paraview into ms word.
The plots are fine in paraview window but in word I see unwanted very thin whitish slant lines as in the image uploaded from word.

I tried using online tools to clean svg which works but a very tedious activity.

Please help me resolve the problem :slight_smile: image

Below is the svg file which if loaded in word would show thin slant lines. I believe it has got something to do with shape-rendering=“crispEdges”

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There are parameters in the SVG exporter:


Dear Mr. Mathieu Westphalm,
Thank you for your reply. I tried adjusting those parameters but havn’t been able to arrive at the best settings to overcome my issue. Do you have suggstions, please !

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What is the problem with the .svg ? I do not see anything wrong there.

Actually, you are right. When I tried to load the svg in other image viewer, the thin lines don’t show up. Not sure why ms word shows those thin white lines.

Ideally the option shape-rendering=crispEdges should have taken care to not show up the polygon edges, however, ms word still shows them in the form of ultra thin white lines.

please include a screenshot of MSWord

Hi Mr. Mathieu,
The screeshot from word is right here.

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I’ve seen Word do this with SVGs for another modelling package called ABAQUS - it might be a Word issue. It drives me bananas. You might be able to convert SVG to the Windows format EMF, which in my experience is the most bulletproof format for high-res Word figures…

Yes, this is probably not a paraview issue.

Thank you Mr. MIlan, I will do so :slight_smile:

You could just take a screenshot in Paraview in Jpeg format, then you should have no problems with Word, Excel, or any other Windows applications.

Yes, possible, however I specifically wished to take svg due to their better appearance.
Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: