Why does it take so long to Export a spreadsheet to a csv file?

I have a 6 million row spreadsheet that can be ‘sorted’ in the ParaView environment almost instantly.

But when I export just a single column of that data to a ~40mb csv file, it takes about 4 hours.

Is this normal?

a “spreadsheet” in ParaView is a vtkDataObject that is stored in memory in easy-to-access efficient way.
In the other hand, the csv format is an inefficient, text based format.

More over, our csv writer is a bit old and could be redesigned to be a little bit more efficient so that the only bottleneck is the time to write the data on disk. Do not expect miracle though.

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Thanks for the insight…

As a hobby programmer for over 40 years I just had to see how an ancient programming language (but still my goto language for simple tasks) would do under similar conditions. I would think there is much room for improvement with your csv writing of 6,000,000 rows :wink:


This does not impact my users, and I don’t think it will, so I did not pick it up.

Thanks for reporting.

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@DaleKramer : Haha, nice one. Well it’s a good news then :slight_smile: .

Here is a list of csv related issues if anyone want to fix them in a batch :

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I would love to dabble but I am afraid my C skills are limited to some microprocessor firmware coding.