Why no vtkStringArray as active attribute?

Within the vtkDataSetAttributes::SetActiveAttribute function, an error message will be issued and no action taken if the provided attribute is not a vtkDataArray, so a vtkStringArray would not qualify.

I am calling this function (indirectly, because SetActiveScalars is what I am calling) within a filter that is supposed to make a specific attribute active at the end, in order to have it shown in the render view with coloring. Within that filter it is possible that this attribute is any array type, and within ParaView, it is also possible to make a vtkStringArray attribute active and display colors accordingly.

If I would now go and “hack” the vtkDataSetAttributes class for my application in such a way that vtkStringArray attributes are acceptable: Would I break some functionality or is that check only a left-over from old times where vtkStringArray attributes were not yet allowed to be active?