Why there is a plane that I do not want in ParaView using VTK data?

Dear ParaView experts:

Thanks for your effort and contribution.

I recently want to study how to visualize VTK data set in ParaView,
but I meet some troubles.

My question is:

why there's a plane ( marked by red circle )?

The plane indicated by the blue one is what I need, but not the red

I’ve read the book: The ParaView Guide (January 21, 2019), chapter
Three: understanding Data, 3.1 VTK data model.

But I could not figure out why it shows on my screen?

Here’s some info, if you want more, please just let me know. I will
provide everything that I could to help.

Thank you,


OS. : Win 7
ParaView : 5.5.2 64-bit
Qt Version: 5.8.0

The area in the red circle must be coming from the .vtk data file you are reading. ParaView doesn’t add anything that looks like that to the render view.

If instead you mean that you want to show only the edges and not the surfaces in the red area, then you can change the representation from “Surface with Edges” to “Wireframe”.